Worksite Wellness

Worksite Wellness in State Public Health Agencies

ASTHO encourages all state health agencies to consider the emotional and physical well-being of their employees and to consider how worksite wellness programs can help support this effort. As organizations promoting the health of their citizens, it is imperative that we are taking care of our employees, serving as a model for other agencies and businesses in our communities, and "walking the walk." By serving as models of success, we will help our nation move from an unhealthy worksite culture to one focused on healthy employees who are eating well, moving around, and contributing to the overall effectiveness and productivity of our organizations.

ASTHO’s Internal Worksite Wellness

ASTHO walks the talk by having a robust worksite wellness program that embraces continuous quality improvement. Learn more »

Worksite Wellness Issue Briefs

Worksite Wellness Issue Brief
This issue brief provides an overview of worksite wellness, evidence of its strong return on investment, and the current status of state health agency programs. It also highlights several states' strategies for strengthening worksite wellness programs within other state agencies and private businesses.

Worksite Wellness in State Health Agencies Issue Brief
ASTHO's new issue brief highlights the value of worksite wellness, and describes how two state health agencies, Oklahoma and North Dakota, achieved HealthLead accreditation.

Worksite Wellness State Case Studies

Arkansas Implements a Healthy Employee Lifestyle Program
The Arkansas Department of Health launched a comprehensive worksite wellness program intervention supported by policy that rewards regular exercise, good nutrition, and other healthy lifestyle choices.

Colorado Implements Comprehensive Worksite Wellness Program
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment launched a holistic employee wellness program to promote health through physical activity, healthy eating, and positive lifestyle choices. 

Iowa EAP Improves State Employees' Emotional and Mental Health
The Iowa state government's employee assistance program has promoted a positive, healthy work environment for 25 years.

Kentucky Explores Health Impact of Worksite Wellness Tax Credit
The Kentucky Department for Public Health used a health impact assessment to analyze the impact of a worksite wellness tax credit on obesity rates, social cohesion, and job creation in the state.

North Dakota Health Department Embraces Healthy Maternity Policies in Workplace
Comprehensive maternity policies at the North Dakota Department of Health set high standards to promote wellness for mothers returning to the workplace.

Stand-Up Insurance Coverage of Tobacco Cessation Programs Starts with Oregon
Oregon has provided 100 percent coverage and barrier-free tobacco cessation support for its state and university employees and their dependents since 2008.

Texas Promotes Cessation by Increasing Smoking Footage Requirements Outside of Buildings
Texas' state health agency expands on previous successes in reducing the use of tobacco products within its campuses.

Utah Department of Health Promotes Healthy Eating Options at Catered Events
The Utah Department of Health incorporates HHS and USDA's Dietary Guidelines for Americans in its workplace through a healthy food policy for catered events.

Best Practices in State Public Health

Breastfeeding Promotion

Healthy Maternity Policies Webinar
This webinar highlights successful strategies and best practices that have been implemented in the North Dakota and Nevada state health agencies to encourage breastfeeding and to help new parents return to work. In addition, Virginia describes how they work with businesses in their state to develop breastfeeding policies.