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ASTHO newsletter subscription options feature updates, analysis, resources, and events on pressing issues in state and territorial public health. Email the public relations team with questions.

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Receive the latest ASTHO news releases and statements on recent public health issues.


ASTHO Events cover a wide range of topics from our highly anticipated annual events like the Public Health TechXpo and Futures Forum and Health Equity Summit to our Insight and Inspiration series, which hosts prominent guests from all walks of life and professions. These newsletters are sent as save-the-date announcements and links to register.

legislative alerts

Legislative Alerts are ASTHO's exclusive analysis of emerging health legislation at the federal and state levels. These updates are published on a need-to-know basis as policies, budgets, and legislative agendas emerge around the country.

public health weekly

The Public Health Weekly is ASTHO’s flagship newsletter. Disseminated on a weekly basis, it covers high-level, nationally relevant public health news, ASTHO’s work on Capitol Hill, state legislation affecting public health, interviews with ASTHO members and leaders in public health, as well as ASTHO resources, updates on ASTHO meetings and convenings, and more.