Peer Networks

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2019 Senior Deputies

In addition to supporting chief health officials, ASTHO fosters the development of other state and territorial agency staff. We do this through in-person and virtual events, skill-building workshops, online discussion boards, peer-to-peer mentoring, technical assistance, and much more. We encourage all state and territorial health agency staff to explore whether our peer networks could be of value to them. These communities—primarily hosted online—help public health professionals share their expertise, learn about best practices, and develop sound policy in their area of specialization.

ASTHO currently offers the following peer networks:

  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Medical Officers
  • Human Resource and Workforce Development Directors
  • Informatics Directors
  • Medical Countermeasure Coordinators
  • Primary Care Office Directors
  • Public Health Lawyers
  • Public Health Preparedness Directors
  • State Environmental Health Directors
  • State Legislative Liaisons
  • State Tribal Liaisons
  • Senior Deputies
  • Telehealth Leads
  • Tobacco Control Programs

Each network is led by an ASTHO subject-matter expert who guides the network’s mission and focus. If you are a state or territorial health agency staff and are interested in participating, please ensure approval from your health official and email our membership team.