Sodium Reduction


State Stories: Sodium Reduction and Healthy Procurement Efforts

Delaware Features Healthier Food in State Worksites and Parks

With leadership and support from Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) Director Dr. Karyl Rattay, Delaware has been working toward healthy procurement through a Healthy Vending Pilot program, as well as a new healthy eating initiative in state parks. In an effort to improve workplace wellness, Delaware Health and Social Services (DHSS) initiated a Healthy Vending Pilot Program in coordination with Nemours Health and Prevention Services. The pilot program sustained Governor Jack Markell's Executive Order 19 which calls for the State of Delaware, as an employer, to set "the standard for workplace health promotion and disease prevention, including healthy foods in vending machines..." The Healthy Vending Pilot program took place in three state agency buildings. Employees at each site were surveyed and invited to attend taste-testing events to inform product selection for the program. DHSS entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with DPH and the Delaware Division for the Visually Impaired-Business Enterprise Program, which represents many of the vendors, to provide compensation for potential losses incurred by vendors during the Healthy Vending Pilot. Access the Healthy Vending Pilot Program Summary report. A larger healthy eating initiative recently launched in Delaware is called Munch Better at Delaware State Parks. As part of the state's commitment to promote healthy lifestyles, Delaware's state parks will offer healthy food items for sale and from vending machines. These activities are building the momentum in Delaware for statewide healthy procurement and increasing receptiveness to policy change.