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Tracking Progress, Improving Health: Five Years of ASTHO's Tracking Fellowship Program

Tracking Progress, Improving Health: Five Years of ASTHO's Tracking Fellowship Program

ASTHO has released Tracking Progress, Improving Health, a report that chronicles the five-year history of a unique project undertaken by ASTHO and CDC. In 2009, ASTHO partnered with the CDC National Environmental Public Health Tracking Program to offer mentorship opportunities to assist health agencies not funded through the CDC program improve their readiness and capacity for tracking and to demonstrate the capability of a more comprehensive environmental public health tracking network. To date, 23 state and local health agencies have participated in the mentorship project, called the Environmental Public Health Tracking: Peer-to-Peer Fellowship Program. The report summarizes all 23 fellowship program projects-including tracking data to increase blood lead testing among at-risk children in Delaware, studying the relationship between air pollutants and chronic disease in Kentucky, and merging weather and heat-related illness data in Arizona to reduce disability and death related to extreme heat events-so other agencies can learn from the experiences of the ones who participated in the projects. In addition, the report relates the fellowship program's successes to the CDC's National Tracking Program, demonstrating the potential of a more comprehensive tracking network.

Access the electronic version to read all 23 stories and see why environmental public health tracking matters. The report is also available in higher resolution for download and printing.

Want to learn more about ASTHO's Tracking Fellows?

Visit the fellowship's Projects and Final Reports page for a detailed report on each project and the Tracking Alumni Group to read what past fellows are doing now.

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