The ongoing effects of impact every part of our lives, including our individual and community-level health. From rising temperatures, increased occurrence and magnitude of natural disasters, expanded vector-borne disease patterns, to increased transmission of waterborne diseases—the changing natural environment in which we live will affect our health.

These issues have led to significant negative health effects on both individuals and populations, particularly high-risk communities. As such, public health departments must address how best to respond to this ongoing crisis. State and territorial health agencies can use surveillance tools, create vulnerability assessments, and develop adaptation plans to prepare and respond to the adverse health effects of climate and extreme weather events.


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Climate and Health Capacity Survey

This report breaks down the results of this survey and highlights what the results mean for the future of climate health.

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Thumbnail of Climate and Health Capacity Survey: 10 Key Takeaways

Climate and Health Capacity Survey: 10 Key Takeaways

The top 10 takeaways from the Climate and Health Capacity survey.

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Vector-Borne Disease Surveillance with QGIS

This training was developed to address specific requests from Insular Area Health Agencies to help build capacity to address the health impacts associated with climate change.

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State Climate and Health Adaptation Plans and Other Resources

An interactive Esri map that showcases state health agency climate adaptation plans and resources.

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Extreme Weather and Climate Readiness: Toolkit for State and Territorial Health Departments

From ASTHO's Climate Change Collaborative, this guide outlines a comprehensive approach to integrating climate readiness into seven key public health programs.

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Climate Change and Environmental Justice: A Snapshot of Jurisdiction Activities

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Cultivating Gen Z as Partners for Healthier Communities

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Climate Change Adaptation Activities and Needs in US State and Territorial Health Agencies

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Responding to Environmental Health Threats Following Hurricanes

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State, Territorial Health Policies Strengthening Emergency Preparedness Efforts

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263: Youth Worried About Climate Change

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The Climate Change Collaborative (CCC) was established in 2009 and is led and facilitated by ASTHO Environmental Health staff. The CCC consists of climate and emergency preparedness subject matter experts from state and territorial health agencies (STHAs). The CCC helps build peer-to-peer relationships between STHA staff who are working on the public health impacts of climate change and extreme weather events. CCC calls provide a platform for members to collaborate and learn from one another, as well as share resources, opportunities, and best practices.

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