Natural Environment


Climate Change

Many state and territorial health departments are already working to combat the health impacts of climate change such as extreme heat, changes in vector-borne disease patterns, and transmission of waterborne diseases. ASTHO is helping its members prepare for climate change in the same way they prepare for natural disasters, extreme weather, and bioterrorism.

Building Climate Change Capacity

Climate Change Capacity Building Grants
ASTHO, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/National Center for Environmental Health, funds and supports demonstration projects that establish coordinating opportunities for climate change at state and territorial health agencies (S/THAs).

Climate-Ready Territories
ASTHO's Climate Ready Territories project provides technical assistance and training opportunities to support insular area health agencies prepare for and respond to the health effects that climate change may bring to their communities.

ASTHO's Climate Change Needs Assessment Surveys
ASTHO aims to help state health agencies prepare for health effects related to climate change by building capacity for climate change response.

Climate Change Resources

Online Training Module: Vector Borne Disease Surveillance with QGIS
ASTHO is pleased to offer this self-paced, online training module created by Bird’s Eye View, with support from CDC’s Climate and Health Program. This training was developed to address the short- and long-term health effects of climate change on vector-borne disease (VBD) transmission and infection patterns. The goal of this training is to provide geographic information system (GIS) tools and resources to Insular Area Health Agencies to assist in their surveillance of, and response to, VBD.

ASTHO's Extreme Weather and Climate Readiness: Toolkit for State and Territorial Health Departments
This toolkit, a product of ASTHO's Climate Change Collaborative, outlines a comprehensive approach to integrating climate readiness into seven key public health programs.

Interactive Climate Adaptation Map
An interactive Esri map that showcases state health agency climate adaptation plans and resources. The resources included on this map are climate adaptation plans and resources that have been created by or in collaboration with state health agencies or are otherwise endorsed by a state health agency.