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Asthma and Health

Comprehensive collection of national sources to learn promising practices and success stories in dealing with childhood and adult asthma prevention and management.

2011 Asthma Report

ASTHO, supported by the National Center for Environmental Health at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, administered an electronic assessment on state asthma policy, programs, and initiatives to key players - the state environmental health directors and chronic disease directors - in state health agencies. The purpose of the assessment was to gain a better understanding of policy barriers that state and territorial health agencies face with regard to implementing their asthma programs. The findings are outlined in the 2011 Asthma Report:

Asthma Partnerships

ASTHO has identified and organized lists of national, regional, and state organizations that focus on asthma education, prevention, and management. This living document will be refreshed periodically, and serves as a resource for state health agencies to find relevant partners.

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