Built and Synthetic Environment


Wisconsin Division of Public Health: 2009-2011

  • From 2009-2011, funding from ASTHO allowed Wisconsin to build state, regional and local capacity for conducting HIA. The Wisconsin Division of Public Health (DPH) hosted two initial HIA trainings, which were led by Human Impact Partners. Following these in-person trainings, staff from the Wisconsin DPH developed additional web-based trainings with the goal of increasing the number of local health departments trained in HIA. DPH staff also hosted additional in-person trainings across the state of Wisconsin. DPH staff coordinated two pilot HIA projects with local health departments in Marquette County and Milwaukee County. Wisconsin DPH also provided mini-grants to three health departments to conduct locally driven HIAs. Staff from DPH provided technical assistance to the mini-grants recipients, whose topics covered concentrated animal feeding operations, open burning ordinances and alcohol outlet density zoning. Wisconsin also developed an online toolkit for current and future HIA practitioners. This toolkit includes past HIA training materials, archives of the webcasted trainings, links to past and current HIAs as well as other tools and resources. This toolkit has been widely disseminated through the Wisconsin HIA Listserv, which is group of individuals who have been trained in HIA and/or expressed interest in collaborating on future HIAs.

    The capacity building completed using ASTHO funds laid a sound foundation for future HIA efforts in Wisconsin. Following the grant period, HIA practitioners in Wisconsin developed an HIA Section as part of the Wisconsin Public Health Association. The section continues to train HIA practitioners and advance HIA in the state of Wisconsin.

    For more information, visit: www.dhs.wi.gov/hia

    Program contact: Emmy Wollenburg (Emelia.Wollenburg@dhs.wisconsin.gov)