Built and Synthetic Environment


Ulkerreuil A Klengar [Palau]: 2012-2013

  • With support from ASTHO, Ulkerreuil A Klengar (UAK), a nonprofit organization in the Republic of Palau, received funding to build capacity for HIA in partnership with the Palau Ministry of Health. Barbara Wright, former Deputy Director of Environmental Health at Seattle-King County Health Department and co-author of the Seattle 520 HIA, traveled to Palau on behalf of ASTHO to deliver an HIA training workshop to over 50 local participants. The training was highly successful in engaging local participants on integration of health consideration into existing processes and raising awareness of HIA with agency decision makers.

    A HIA working group that was formed during the workshop in 2012 has continued to meet periodically, and the group recently completed its first formal HIA with technical assistance from Barbara Wright. The HIA considered the health impacts of legislation to require all employers to provide maternity leave benefits for female employees giving birth with guaranteed job security for the employee's return. It was prepared at the request of the senator who originated the legislation.

    The Working Group will continue to pursue HIAs on the health benefits of establishing a public transportation system in Palau.

    For more information, read the Working Group's final report, Rapid Health Impact Assessment of the Maternity Leave Bill (S.B. 9-20-SD2).

    Program contact: Ulkerreuil A Klengar (benasakuma@gmail.com)