A critical part of ASTHO’s work is supporting states and territories in meeting national public health standards through long- and short-term public health planning. To ensure health agencies have a strong planning foundation to carry out critical public health services, ASTHO provides coaching, facilitation, peer connections, and other support tools.


Public Health State and Territorial Health Department Strategic Planning Module

ASTHO supports state and territorial health agencies in agency-wide strategic planning efforts throughout the preparing, planning, and implementation phases. Resources include the Strategic Plan Guide, facilitation support, tailored coaching, documentation review, and more.

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Developing a State Health Improvement Plan: Guidance and Resources

In this guide, ASTHO provides state and territories coaching, facilitation, resources, and tools to support their jurisdiction-wide health improvement planning processes.

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Strategic Planning Guide: Guidance and Resources to Assist State and Territorial Health Agencies in Developing a Strategic Plan

ASTHO created this strategic planning guide to help public health agencies develop new—or refine existing—strategic plans.

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Healthy People 2030

Healthy People 2030

Healthy People fosters a shared vision of public health across the United States. It establishes national priorities every 10 years to guide jurisdiction planning and data collection.

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