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Public Health Policy Issues to Watch in 2021


With many of the state and territorial legislatures reconvening over the next few weeks, we can look forward to new (and not-so-new) legislation start to crop up that will impact public health. To ...

The Youth Mental Health Crisis: States Invest in Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention Strategies


Following disruptions to daily life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, emergency departments saw an increase of mental health-related visits. A June 2021 study showed a significant increase of mental ...

Maternal Mortality in the U.S.: How States Are Working to Reverse the Rate

Two rising health trends are negatively affecting women’s health across the United States: maternal mortality (death from pregnancy or delivery complications) and severe maternal morbidity (mental ...

State Legislative Activity Supports Federal Evidence-Based HIV Prevention Initiative


Across the nation, public health agencies have mounted herculean efforts to stem the COVID-19 pandemic while addressing a pre-existing HIV epidemic and an opioid crisis that is serving as a source ...

Jurisdictions Moving Many ASTHO Essential Tobacco Control Policies Forward


Over the past several years, states and jurisdictions have continued to implement important policies to reduce tobacco and nicotine use, including increasing tobacco prices, expanding areas deemed ...

Evidence-Based Home Visiting Models Promote Early Brain Development in American Indian and Alaska Native Communities


One way states and territories can address ACEs in American Indian and Alaska Native communities is by adopting evidence-based home visiting programs that reflect the specific cultural values of the ...

Early Brain Development: A Keystone for Health Equity

State and territorial health departments, federal agencies, and other national partner organizations are increasingly taking steps to support healthy brain development at the earliest stages of life.