Wanderly and ASTHO StaffUP PartnershipASTHO is partnering with Wanderly to support StaffUP - a program that allows for rapid, on-demand recruiting for governmental public health agencies looking for public health and healthcare professionals.

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Are you a government public health agency in search of public health and healthcare professionals? We know that many public health agencies have stringent human resources and civil service regulations that can make recruiting difficult, and agencies also have unique workforce needs including the need to on-board staff quickly to fill important roles and functions. That is why we built the ASTHO StaffUP solution. View the ASTHO StaffUP brochure for the School and Community Deployment Program or the Public Health Agencies Program to learn more about how this solution can work for you. Email Wanderly to get started.

Job Seekers

Are you looking for a job in public health? Search from available positions below. ASTHO StaffUP utilizes Wanderly’s technology and staff marketplace to efficiently access a workforce for both long-term positions and short-term or contract-based roles. Job functions available through StaffUP include contact tracers, case investigators, case resource managers, public health advisors, testers, temperature checkers, and more. Additional jobs will be added as they become available.