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A yearly initiative of ASTHO to improve population health through the work of state public health agencies.


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  • 4 Lessons from Planning an All-Virtual All-Staff Week

    The importance of having designated time for staff to connect, grow, develop and share has always been the driving force behind the decision to host “ASTHO Week,” a three-and-a-half daylong all-staff convening every quarter. Given our current work environment, having this time together seems necessary now, more than ever. So in the midst of the pandemic and our full-time telework, here’s what our team learned about planning a 100 percent virtual ASTHO Week.

  • State Legislation to Declare Racism a Public Health Crisis and Address Institutional Racism

    The movement to address racism through policy change in the US is receiving significant political support at the local level with a growing number of cities and counties declaring racism a public health crisis. Public and private institutions, school districts, and business leaders are joining the charge to advance racial equity and to support policies declaring racism a public health crisis. At the federal level, a national resolution was introduced in Congress declaring racism a public health issue and leading national health associations ASTHO, APHA, AMA, and AAP, issued statements in solidarity with these efforts.

  • ASTHO 2020 Summer Reading List

    Deciding what book to read is a task in itself. To make things easier, ASTHO’s staff curated a list of page-turning and thought-provoking books guaranteed to be worth your time. There’s something for everyone on our list, whether you're looking for an escape or working on personal and professional growth.