ASTHO President's Challenge Initiatives

A yearly initiative of ASTHO to improve population health through the work of state public health agencies.


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  • Factoring Housing Into Federal and State Policies to Improve Community Health

    Housing and overall neighborhood conditions significantly influence a community’s health. Housing quality, stability, and affordability also directly impact an individual’s opportunity and ability to be healthy. There are several policies and initiatives at the federal and state levels focused on improving four pathways connecting housing and health as discussed in this post.

  • Deciphering COVID-19 Clinical Trial Information for the Public Health Community

    As communities around the country continue to navigate the complexities of COVID-19 management and prevention this fall, reliable resources are needed for connecting public health leaders with the latest information on treatment. HHS's Combat COVID website provides information and tools for both the public and public health officials to learn about available COVID-19 treatments and clinical trial research underway to identify new treatments.

  • Embedded: One Year Review of Disability and Preparedness Specialists Project

    On Dec. 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities, ASTHO is commemorating nearly 12 months of supporting disability and preparedness specialists in state and territorial health agencies. Throughout 2021, ASTHO embedded 20 full-time disability and preparedness specialists within state and territorial public health agencies to ensure an inclusive approach to emergency preparedness. Over the coming weeks, ASTHO will introduce each of the to share insights and best practices.