Information for Health Agencies

The Peer Assessment Program is a technical assistance opportunity for health agencies to review and assess their current administrative and organizational capacity against evidence-informed indicators, consider challenges and opportunities, and prioritize and focus resources to improve in these areas. Participating agencies will engage internal and external partners during the assessment and site visit process, culminating in a report of findings and recommendations.

 S/TFAS that participate in the Peer Assessment program will:

  • Improve agency understanding of administrative gaps and its ability to prioritize resources to improve these areas.
  • Build capacity to problem solve and develop innovative solutions that improve administrative readiness.
  • Enhance collaboration and working relationships within administrative units, across program areas, and with external partners.
  • Strengthen public health agency infrastructure and improve performance.
  • Contribute to the evidence base for modernizing public health infrastructure.

During the open application period, interested jurisdictions will submit an online application to be considered for the upcoming Peer Assessment Program cohort.

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