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One Health Webinars

One Health Webinars The One Health Initiative recognizes the inextricable link between human, animal, and environmental health and seeks to "promote, improve, and defend the health and ...

Food and Water Safety

Food and Water Safety association of state and territorial health officials, astho, food and water safety, food safety, water safety, water preparedness, environmental public health, pfas, per and ...

Vector-Borne Disease

Vector-Borne Disease association of state and territorial health officials, astho, vector-borne disease, disease vectors, vector surveillance and control, vector-borne disease outbreaks, health ...

Insular Areas Consider Variety of Public Health Related Legislation


Each year, ASTHO tracks and analyzes key legislation that impacts public health, and highlights the emerging trends for our members. While the bulk of the tracked legislation arises in state ...

Braiding and Layering Funding to Address Supportive Housing


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the intersections of social determinants of health, such as transportation, education, and housing, and their impact on the health of individuals and ...

2022 Legislative Session Update: Part Two


The ASTHO State Health Policy team provides brief updates on 5 of the ten state health policy issues to watch in 2022: mental and behavioral health, rural health, e-cigarettes and flavored tobacco ...

Jurisdictions Using Policy to Address Unique Island Area Health Challenges


ASTHO has several members from the territories and Freely Associated States—jurisdictions with unique challenges, and do not fall under the category of a state or federal district. This post is a ...

Environmental Health

Environmental Health Environmental Health Association of state and territorial health officials, astho, environmental health, environmental public health, public health professionals, addressing ...

Proposed Vaccination Laws to Watch in the New Year


Vaccines are one of the greatest public health achievements of the last century, as well as some of the most powerful and cost-effective tools to prevent disease, disparities, disability, and death ...