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What a Shortage of Forensic Pathologists Means for Public Health

June 24, 2021

Forensic pathologists investigate deaths to serve the living, but what are the implications for public health when we do not have a viable forensic pathology workforce? State medicolegal death investigation systems currently lack a capacity to respond to major public health crises, and the surge of overdose deaths over the past decade have only exacerbated this workforce shortage.

Today’s guests discuss the urgent need to find new recruits in forensic pathology and urge state health officials to consider reforms that could help bring reinforcement to a critical yet often neglected profession with a huge impact on public health.

Show Notes


  • Tracie Collins, MD, MPH, Cabinet Secretary, New Mexico Department of Health
  • Kurt Nolte, MD, Professor of Pathology and Radiology, University of New Mexico, Former Chief Medical Investigator for the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator