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Tackling Inequities in Digital Care

April 16, 2021


On April 12, ASTHO hosted a webinar, Tackling Inequities in Digital Care, which discussed state and community-level interventions to bridge the digital divide in healthcare and improve access to digital services for marginalized communities. Our panel of expert speakers emphasized the importance of providing services to older adult populations that improve digital literacy, while providing support to keep them socially connected by using other older adults as community mentors and guides. The session also discussed how states can partner with communities to coordinate and build platforms that increase access to telehealth, digital devices, and digital literacy training programs, and maximize federal investments to expand digital access. Speakers included Alexis Travis from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services; Lawrence Kosick, co-founder of GetSetUp; Craig Settles, industry analyst and expert broadband business strategist; Director Rose Jones from the Rhode Island Office of Healthy Aging; and Maureen Maigret, long-term healthcare and aging services consultant.