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The Help End Addiction for Life Initiative

September 16, 2019

The Help End Addition for Life Initiative (PDF)The Help End Addiction for Life (HEAL) initiative is a coalition of local providers and community stakeholders that formed in 2018 to address opioid addiction in Letcher County, Kentucky. In its 1.5 years of operation, HEAL has increased access to and awareness of local substance use disorder (SUD) treatment resources; strengthened connections among healthcare providers, addiction treatment entities, and community-based organizations; supported new prevention services; aimed to reduce stigma regarding addiction; and inspired the local community’s hopefulness about its own resilience.

This case study provides an in-depth examination of HEAL’s unique features and highlights the voices of local providers and stakeholders. The lessons learned by the HEAL coalition offer strategies for other communities to consider in their own collaborations to reduce opioid use.