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The Aligning Roles of Medicaid and Public Health

August 14, 2019

Medicaid and public health partnerships play an important role in advancing a statewide approach to addressing chronic disease and population health. Collaboration and shared priorities between agencies play a significant role in addressing health conditions. In this episode, Deborah Fournier, senior director of Clinical to Community Connections at ASTHO, and Mark Larson, vice president of policy at the Center for Health Care Strategies, share some of the common misconceptions about each agency’s understanding of one another. They also discuss leveraging the respective roles and resources of Medicaid and public health through the CDC’s 6|18 Initiative. J.T. Lane (ASTHO Alumni-LA), director of value transformation at Navigant, also shares lessons learned on Medicaid and public health partnerships through the 6|18 Initiative and beyond in Louisiana.


  • J.T. Lane (Alumni-LA), Director, Value Transformation, Navigant
  • Deborah Fournier, Senior Director, Clinical to Community Connections, ASTHO
  • Mark Larson, Vice President, Policy, Center for Health Care Strategies




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