Social Determinants of Health Learning Network: Innovation to Advance 20 Core Strategies

October 24, 2016|12:33 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

The Social Determinants of Health Learning Network is part of the nationwide Infant Mortality Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (CoIIN) supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration and the National Institute for Children’s Health Quality, and several other organizations, including ASTHO. Across the nation, 19 states in the learning network are aiming to build state and local capacity and test core strategies. The primary focus is innovation and spreading evidence-based policies and programs to improve social determinants of health and equity in birth outcomes.

The learning network developed a consensus set of recommended strategies for reducing infant mortality by shifting the social determinants of health. These 20 recommended strategies are organized in alignment with the World Health Organization’s framework for tackling social determinants of health (see figure below).

Over the course of this week, a series of five blog posts will provide background on the 20 strategies and suggestions for what states can do to advance them:

  1. Policies and Programs on Social Stratification to Reduce Inequalities
  2. Policies and Programs to Reduce Exposures of Disadvantaged People to Health Damaging Factors
  3. Policies to Reduce Vulnerability and Increase Resiliency of Disadvantaged People
  4. Policies to Reduce Unequal Consequences in Illness, in Social, Economic, and Health Terms
  5. Cross-Cutting Actions (from WHO Framework)

Special thanks to Alethia Carr and Kay Johnson, co-chairs of the Infant Mortality CoIIN Social Determinants of Health Learning Network, for authoring this week's blog article series.

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