Developing a State Health Improvement Plan: Guidance and Resources

SHIP-Guide-Thumbnail_1200x1553.jpgDeveloping a State Health Improvement Plan: Guidance and Resources is a companion document to ASTHO’s State Health Assessment Guidance and Resources published by ASTHO in 2014. ASTHO produced this guide to be applicable to state health departments seeking public health accreditation through PHAB as well as to those developing a SHIP but are not seeking accreditation.

The information provided in this guide is intended to be consistent with PHAB requirements and documentation guidance and includes references to PHAB requirements and documentation guidance. The document includes seven modules and describes the process for developing a state health improvement plan (SHIP) and conforming to the Public Health Accreditation Board Standards. Each module includes tips for structuring the planning process and considerations for the implementation phase, key terms and acronyms, specific examples and lessons learned from states, and sample tools and links to additional resources.

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