Through financing, public health professionals are challenged to act creatively and use innovative and cutting-edge financing techniques and practices. ASTHO is committed to supporting states and territories in the of area of public health finance by providing resources and tools that assist health agencies to deliver public health functions to improve population health outcomes.

ASTHO supports leaders with technical assistance tools and capacity building products to maximize utilization of federal funds. These efforts assist in improving grants management capacity and oversight.


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Financing the Future of Public Health

On this podcast, Steven Stack (SHO-KY) and Janet Hamilton (executive director, CSTE) speak on what’s needed to fund the public health systems of the future.

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Interagency Collaboration to Improve Business Processes in USVI

A groundbreaking approach is underway in the U.S. Virgin Islands to more efficiently manage and expend federal grant funding for social determinants of health and overall population health improvement.

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Core Responsibilities of a CFO Within a Health Agency

Chief Financial Officers from the Washington state and Alaska health departments discuss their core functions, how they maintain financial accountability, and support other administrative processes such as hiring, and common challenges they face.

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What Territorial Health Officials Need to Know About Grants Management

Esther Muña (THO-NMI) and Vincent Camacho (Grants Management Administrator) from the Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation give an overview of grants management.

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The GMO Toolkit: A New Resource for Optimizing Grant Management Functions and Funding Outcomes

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Grants Management Office Structure Optimization Toolkit

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Centralizing Grant Management Functions: Puerto Rico’s Work and Vision

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Incorporating Health in All Policies: Tips for Grantmakers

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How the U.S. Virgin Islands is Improving Federal Grants Management

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Flexible Funding to Support Public Health Innovation

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Think Big When Applying for Infrastructure Funding: 12 Recommendations for Health Agencies

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Timely Spending: North Carolina's Approach to Efficiently Utilizing Federal Funds

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