ASTHO-Star-Center.pngStrong administrative and organizational capacity is vital for efficiently-deployed public health funds to support infrastructure and critical population health needs. ASTHO supports State and Territorial public health agency Administrative Readiness (STAR) and operational excellence by connecting members to high quality resources, tools, and model practices that modernize and strengthen administrative and organizational capacity.

ASTHO STAR technical assistance to members currently focuses on improving business processes, accelerating administrative processes for timely public health response, and assessing current organizational capacity for opportunities to strengthen systems.

State Stories

Indiana's Approach to Quickly Onboarding Personnel During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Indiana Department of Health (ISDH) was proactive in taking steps to secure needed personnel during the COVID 19 pandemic. This video highlights strategies ISDH took to be administratively ready to recruit, hire, and onboard personnel. It also shares how the department addressed challenges and monitored impact. In sharing their experience, ISDH offers states and island areas the opportunity to explore methods to improve administrative readiness in their own jurisdiction.

Timely Spending: North Carolina's Approach to Efficiently Utilizing Federal Funds

This video highlights the North Carolina Division of Public Health’s (NCDPH) administrative readiness strategies, partnerships, and metrics to support an efficient use of federal funding. By learning about NCDPH’s experiences, states and island jurisdictions can explore methods that can help build capacity to strengthen their public health readiness.

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