The DELPH magazine is intended to highlight the individual DELPH scholars of our cohort. With every issue, we share and elevate the leadership profiles of each cohort member to introduce them as emerging leaders within the public health field. In addition, we ask public health leaders and influencers to share their insights on public health trends and projects they're working on and perspectives on what Health Equity means to their work.

Current Issue

Issue 4

The June 2024 edition of DELPH Magazine celebrated the release of its fourth issue, featuring scholars from Cohort 4 and reflections from DELPH alumni on their experiences with the program. The issue included topical articles related to the DELPH curriculum, covering perspectives on the significance of leadership development, insights on digital accessibility and equity, strategies for leveraging evaluation data to make informed decisions, and the role of data equity in improving access to HIV/AIDS treatment.

Back Issues

Issue 3

The February 2024 edition of the DELPH Magazine marked the release of the third issue, showcasing scholars of Cohort 3, featuring insights from DELPH alumni. Topical articles include perspectives on the importance of DEI's impact on the workplace, how we are utilizing grants to improve public health infrastructure, and ways to use public health law as a tool for diverse executives.

Issue 2

The second issue of DELPH Magazine was published in May 2023. It showcases members of Cohort 2 introduced the Photo Voice project for our DELPH Scholars to share what health equity looks like in their community. Topical articles included workforce diversification, disability inclusion, the expansion of data modernization efforts to include health equity, and perspectives on how public health liaisons can champion health equity at the state level.

Issue 1

The inagural issue of DELPH Magazine was published in September 2022. It introduced Cohort 1 of the DELPH program and highlighted their public health expertise. Articles covered the program’s vision, inception, and leadership development strategies and emphasized the significance of workplace diversity.