Applying the Public Health Approach to Suicide Prevention

June 15, 2016
2:30-4 p.m. ET - technical assistance call

This page refers to an event that occurred in the past.

Applying the Public Health Approach to Suicide Prevention

Part of the Delivery and Payment Reform Technical Assistance Call Series hosted by ASTHO with support from CDC

Suicide prevention efforts are becoming increasingly interdisciplinary and integrated with public health work. The Surgeon General has reported, “Suicide prevention is not exclusively a mental health issue. It is a health issue that must be addressed at many levels by different groups working together in a coordinate and synergistic way.” Public health leadership can help track trends and target at-risk populations; develop community-based resources; and raise awareness among behavioral health and primary care providers, hospitals, and schools. This call, the third in the series, will highlight initiatives in state suicide prevention plans and grant programs that strengthen nontraditional partnerships and improve local capacity.

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