Seven Public Health Podcasts to Listen to in 2024 

March 25, 2024 | Bailey Feldman Crannick

BIPOC woman wearing headphones sitting in a chair listening to a podcast on her phone

ASTHO’s favorite public health podcasts both inform and inspire listeners. This year’s top picks do just that, with varying approaches—tapping into comedy, creativity, and more to deliver a meaningful listening experience.

Our 2024 round-up covers a range of topics from environmental health to public health policy, mental and emotional wellness, health equity, and even magirology (more on that later). Find your new favorites and add them to your podcast lineup.

Transmission Interrupted

Transmission Interrupted, from the National Emerging Special Pathogens Training & Education Center (NETEC), dives deep into the role of preparedness in public health—covering everything from emergency planning to personal protective equipment (PPE) best practices and the coordination of resources during a crisis.

For those who don’t find these topics in their normal rotation, the podcast’s ongoing series “Pathogens in Pop Culture” might pique your interest, which breaks down public health’s portrayal in the media and compares it to the real science behind each topic. Check out the podcast now for a different take on readiness and prevention work.

The Public Health Millennial

Omari Richins spotlights public health experts and notable topics on his weekly podcast, The Public Health Millennial, with the goal of educating new professionals in the field. Featured guests include Dr. Annette Padilla of HHS and AmeriCorps Director AJ Perlman, giving listeners a closer look at public policy, health equity work, and career insights.

If you’re a millennial or looking for a way to connect with these colleagues, listen for a greater understanding of the millennial approach to change and improvement in the public health field.


Ologies, hosted by Daytime Emmy Award-winning science correspondent Alie Ward, masters the combination of science and comedy throughout discussions on an array of topics—from Black American magirology (the study of food, race, and culture) to etymology (the study of word origins). Looking for a laugh while learning about not-so-ordinary topics? This podcast is for you.

Environmental Health Chat

From the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Environmental Health Chat focuses on how the environment impacts public health—and you may be surprised at just how many areas are affected. Some of the most thought-provoking episodes touch on slowing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s progression, historical redlining, and even hair and beauty products.

Whether you’re interested in environmental justice, food safety, or recreational factors, Environmental Health Chat has impressive insights into the reach and importance of the environmental health field.

The Morgan Harper Nichols Show

As a neurodivergent author, mixed-media artist, and songwriter, Morgan Harper Nichols has a unique perspective on mental health and personal wellness. She infuses poetry, motivational storytelling, and inspiring guest interviews into her podcast The Morgan Harper Nichols Show. This podcast helps listeners calm their minds and supports overall well-being in preparation for busy days.

Science Vs

Much like Ologies, Science Vs is a podcast that marries complex ideas with a healthy dose of laughs. Hosted by Wendy Zukerman, it dives into trending health topics like questionable foods, anti-aging products, the science of sleep, and more. As one of our recommended laugh-while-you-learn podcasts, Science Vs offers public health professionals a chance to escape while encouraging curiosity and contemplation.

Public Health Review & Public Health Review Morning Edition

A two-in-one for the grand finale: ASTHO’s long-form podcast, Public Health Review, and daily morning newscast, Public Health Review Morning Edition, are both informative resources for public health professionals that feature insights from ASTHO members and subject matter experts. The former offers an in-depth take while the latter provides a quick rundown of the latest in public health policy, state and federal health initiatives, and the field’s most pressing issues.

The Power of Podcasts

In the ever-changing world of public health, it is imperative that public health professionals stay up to date on the most pressing issues in the field and passionate about their work. With that in mind, these podcasts and others—such as those recommended by ASTHO in 2023 or even 2022—offer an easy-to-digest medium to absorb that information. Happy listening!