Public Health and Healthcare Integration

Integration in Action: Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Advances Healthy Connections

March 08, 2017|12:20 p.m.| Anna Bartels

Idaho’s Statewide Healthcare Innovation Plan promotes health system transformation through primary care-public health integration efforts. Read More »

Place Matters in Determining Rural Population and Individual Health

October 10, 2016|12:14 p.m.| Anna Bartels

Barriers to access and social determinants of health specific to rural areas can contribute to rural disparities in health and highlight a need for place-based interventions. Read More »

Rhode Island Conducts Statewide Inventory of Healthcare System

March 16, 2016|10:39 a.m.| Noelle Andrade

Rhode Island Department of Health uses health system inventory to improve outcomes and lower the cost of patient care. Read More »

Bringing the Tools of Behavioral Health into Primary Care Practice

January 22, 2016|4:57 p.m.| John Skendall

Some health problems are only skin deep. Some go much deeper. That is why the skills and tools that the field of behavioral health brings are so important. And why they can, and some say should, be under the same roof—even in the same room—as primary care practice. Read More »

American College of Nurse Midwives and ASTHO Collaborate to Improve Health

January 12, 2016|10:54 a.m.| Eileen Beard and Carol Hayes

ACNM has been working with ASTHO and other health professional organizations to improve immunizations rates in vulnerable populations, including racial/ethnic groups and pregnant women. Read More »

Key Leaders Discuss Primary Care and Public Health Integration at APHA

December 07, 2015|4:07 p.m.| Courtney Bartlett

Several national leaders in public health and primary care presented a special session at APHA's annual meeting this October on the topic of integrating prevention in public health and primary care. ASTHO's director of primary care Courtney Bartlett recounts the important takeaways of their conversation. Read More »

Introducing the Integration Forum

October 13, 2015|11:07 a.m.| David O’Gurek

The Integration Forum seeks to bring people and organizations together with great ideas on integrating the disciplines of primary care and public health. Read More »

Innovation for Success: Tackling the Primary Care Workforce Shortage in Ohio

October 09, 2015|9:20 a.m.| Courtney Bartlett and Cori Floyd

With a primary care workforce shortage already presenting challenges to quality care delivery and access, how can we prepare the health industry for the future to come?. Read More »

6 Ways to Improve Outcomes when Medical Devices Are Inserted

May 22, 2015|2:29 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

Telling patients what to expect after surgery and during rehabilitation has a significant impact on the success of surgeries that implant medical devices. Read More »

The System Is Rigged and Nobody Wins: A Call for Integration

February 18, 2015|11:56 a.m.| Scott Briscoe

Ohio Medicaid Medical Director Mary Applegate gives an IOM session describing flaws of the current health system design in which primary care does not integrate with public health. Read More »

Virginia and Walgreens Team Up to Provide Free HIV Testing in the Commonwealth

January 20, 2015|11:10 a.m.| ASTHO Staff

After establishing that they share a commitment to addressing HIV, the Virginia Department of Health and Walgreens created a program that provides free, pharmacist-led HIV testing at select Walgreens sites. Read More »

Senate Confirms Vivek Murthy as Surgeon General

December 16, 2014|1:53 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

Murthy is poised to continue efforts to integrate all sectors of health to improve the nation's health and wellness. Read More »

Kentucky State Health Official Applauds Anderson County Primary Care Clinic

December 10, 2014|4:20 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

Anderson County's Family Care Clinic could be a model for other states. Read More »

Value of Public Health and Healthcare Collaboration Evident as U.S. Designates 35 Hospitals to Treat Ebola

December 04, 2014|9:57 a.m.| Virgie Townsend

HHS announced on Dec. 2 that the United States has designated 35 hospitals as Ebola treatment centers—a process that involved working closely with state health officials. Read More »