Health in All Policies

Leadership Defines A Legacy: State Approaches to Health Equity

August 16, 2018|10:36 a.m.| ASTHO Staff

On Aug. 6, the world mourned the death of Margaret Heckler, the former HHS secretary under President Ronald Reagan who worked to prioritize health disparities and social determinants of health. In 1985, Heckler commissioned the landmark Report of the Secretary’s Task Force on Black and Minority Health. Now commonly known as the Heckler report, this assessment highlighted the disproportionate burden of death and illness impacting racial and ethnic minorities and initiated a taskforce to improve the health of minorities and eliminate health disparities, the first of its kind by the federal government. Read More »

Closing the Gap on Health Disparities

October 31, 2016|3:23 p.m.| Kathy Sykes

The elimination of health disparities in the U.S. would mean billions of dollars in savings in direct healthcare spending. Read More »

Advancing Health Equity Blog Series: Introduction

October 31, 2016|2:52 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

This 2016-2017 blog series on advancing health equity in state and territorial public health will feature leaders from across the country who are advancing health equity and optimal health for all by addressing the social determinants of health. Read More »

What Does a Health in All Policies Approach to Advance Health Equity Look Like in Practice?

September 21, 2016|4:42 p.m.| Emily Moore

Following welcoming remarks at ASTHO's annual meeting Sept. 21, Gov. Mark Dayton (MN) spoke about his state’s work to improve the health and lives of Minnesotans, as well as looking at decisions through a health lens. A panel session featuring several of his cabinet secretaries followed, facilitated by Dr. Edward Ehlinger, ASTHO’s 2015-2016 president and commissioner for the Minnesota Department of Health. . Read More »

Success Stories from Environmental Public Health Tracking (Part 2 of 2)

September 01, 2016|11:27 a.m.| Samantha Williams

In part two of our interview with Dr. Fuyuen Yip, she describes some of the CDC Tracking Program’s most interesting partnerships, as well as outcomes and lessons learned along the way. Read More »

Success Stories from Environmental Public Health Tracking (Part 1 of 2)

August 31, 2016|11:28 a.m.| Samantha Williams

This is the first of a two-part interview with Fuyuen Yip, acting branch chief for the Environmental Public Health Tracking Program at the National Center for Environmental Health at CDC. Read More »

Everyone Deserves Good Health

April 12, 2016|9:46 a.m.| ASTHO Staff

ASTHO President and Minnesota Commissioner of Health Edward Ehlinger, MD, MSPH, has issued ASTHO's 2016 President’s Challenge: Advance Health Equity and Optimal Health for All. We asked him to give us some insights into why he is passionate about this work, and how states can work to achieve strong health outcomes for everyone. Read More »

New Tool Fosters Partnerships Between Health and Education

January 19, 2016|1:53 p.m.| Scott Briscoe

The U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services last week announced a renewed partnership stressing the link between health and education. They also unveiled a toolkit offering ways the two sectors can work together. Read More »

'Health in All Policies' Showcases Public Health’s Applicability Across Sectors

June 29, 2015|10:01 a.m.| Kristen Lewandowski

This is the first in a two-part series on how states are employing the concept of Health in All Policies to improve public health. Read More »

Vivek Murthy Sworn in as 19th United States Surgeon General

April 24, 2015|2:48 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

During his four-year term, Murthy aims to focus on prevention-based national public health measures that promote healthy living, raise awareness of mental illness, increase childhood vaccination rates, and prevent and reduce drug abuse. Read More »

ASTHO Challenges States to Maximize Wellness of Older Americans

October 07, 2014|2:06 p.m.| Jane Esworthy

Families across America are confronting the question, “How will we care for mom and dad?” Connecticut Health Commissioner and ASTHO President Jewel Mullen wants to address this problem by helping adults live and age well in their communities. Read More »