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  • Questions and answers about the US Ebola case

    U.S. health officials have warned for months that someone infected with Ebola could unknowingly carry the virus to this country, and there is word now that it has happened: A traveler in a Dallas hospital became the first patient diagnosed in the U.S....

  • US health experts in Dallas reviewing potential Ebola exposure

    U.S. health experts in Dallas on Wednesday were examining how many people may have been exposed to Ebola, just one day after the first case of the deadly virus was diagnosed in the United States.

  • Ebola outbreak is nearing possible end in Nigeria

    The Ebola outbreak in Nigeria appears to be nearing a possible end thanks to a rapid response coordinated by Nigeria’s Emergency Operations Center with assistance from international partners, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  • Officials: Michigan has 25 cases of severe respiratory virus

    Federal health officials have confirmed 25 cases of a severe respiratory illness in Michigan, including a young child that developed lower extremity paralysis.

  • India set to run out of critical free drug for HIV/AIDS program

    India could run out of a critical medicine in its free HIV/AIDS drugs program in three weeks due to bureaucratic bungling, a senior government official said, leaving more than 150,000 sufferers without life-saving drugs for about a month.

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