Health Equity

Meeting the Health Equity Challenge: State Case Studies


  • Health Equity Case Studies 2012

    In 2012, ASTHO developed health equity case studies of six states to demonstrate how states addressed the economic case for health equity. In addition to adverse health outcomes, health inequities and disparities have severe economic consequences for the health care system. Find out more by reading the introductory story and state health equity case studies.

  • Making the Economic Case for Health Equity Introduction (pdf)

  • Alaska Health Equity Case Study 2012: Closing the Resource Gap (pdf)

  • Maryland Health Equity Case Study 2012: A Sense of Urgency (pdf)

  • Minnesota Health Equity Case Study 2012: Keeping Score on Health Equity (pdf)

  • Oregon Health Equity Case Study 2012: Equity Amid Health Reform (pdf)

  • Southern Region Health Equity Case Study 2012: Texas and Louisiana: Healthy Start for More Infants (pdf)

  • Health Equity Case Studies 2010

    In 2010, ASTHO developed health equity case studies of ten states to demonstrate the wide range of strategies, programs, and ethnic/racial populations served. Some states, for example, maintain long-established offices focusing on programs to close the health disparities gap, while others are in the midst of new public awareness campaigns to demonstrate the extent of disparities and the impact of socio-economic determinants on health.

    Although the problems faced by these states vary significantly, certain themes emerged again and again in these case studies from state health department leaders:

    • Make health equity an essential element in public health strategy.
    • Embed the concept of health equity in all public health programs.
    • Educate other state departments, from education to housing to transportation, on the impact of their policies on people’s health.
    • Gather detailed data on subpopulations both to design and evaluate programs to reduce health disparities.
    • Forge strong partnerships with community groups, foundations, corporations and local health departments to achieve health equity goals.
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