Climate Change

Resources for Building Climate Change Capacity in Health Agencies

Apr 2011Climate Change Communication Primer for Public Health Professionals (pdf)

Apr 2011APHA Guide Book on Climate Change: Mastering the Public Health Role (pdf)

Jan 20112011 CDC Health Disparities and Inequalities Report: Unhealthy Air Quality (external site)

Jan 2011Out of Equilibrium? The World's Changing Ice Cover (external site)

Dec 2010Towards a Quantitative Estimate of Future Heat Wave Mortality under Global Climate Change (external site)
The objective of this study is to estimate for a major US city the future excess mortality attributable to heat waves under global climate change.

Dec 2010Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Cognitive Function in a Cohort of Older Men (external site)
The objective of this study is to assess the association between black carbon (BC), a marker of traffic-related air pollution, and cognition in older men.

A Closer Look at Climate Change Skepticism
This article discusses skepticism by examining popular polarity, degrees of dissent, economic implications, snowball effect, and the public’s opinion on the validity of climate change science.

Are We Ready? Preparing for Public Health Challenges of Climate Change (pdf)
In order to better understand the current state of preparedness for health effects of climate change to conduct a survey of a representative sample of local health departments from around the country.

EPA's Excessive Heat Events Guidebook
EPA has developed the Guidebook with to help community officials, emergency managers, meteorologists, and others plan for and respond to excessive heat events, highlights best practices, and providesmore »

EPA's Reducing Urban Heat Islands: Compendium of Strategies (external site)
This document describes the causes and impacts of summertime urban heat islands and promotes strategies for lowering temperatures, provides an overview of heat islands, how they form, and their impacts,more »

Filling the Gaps in Workforce Resources for Climate Change Programs (pdf)
Health agencies are finding it difficult to meet workforce capacity to address climate change as a public health issue. This ASTHO document highlights a few programs that could potentially fill this gapmore »

Global Warming: Why Public Health Professionals Care, and Why You Should Too
Dr. Edward Maibach has created a vivid slide deck to assist presenters commute to the public why they should care about Climate Change. This also includes a brief video illustrating Global Warming frommore »

Global Warming’s Six Americas (pdf)
This study was conducted by the Yale Project on Climate Change and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication, and was funded by the Surdna Foundation, the Eleventh Hour Project,more »

Planning Fire-Resilient Counties in the Wildland-Urban Interface: Guide to Wildfire Risk and Mitigation (pdf)
Planning fire-adaptive communities and mitigating the impact of wildfire is crucial to protecting residents and reducing emergency management costs.

The Perception Factor: Climate Change Gets Personal
This article discusses a new era for climate change sciences, examines “Six Americas” and other perceptions, and proposes a formula for success.