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Built and Synthetic Environment

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Smart Growth
Land use and planning can play a major role in health. The way communities are designed affects air pollution levels, water quality, physical activity, incidence of injury, and access to fresh producemore »

Healthy Communities
ASTHO supports state health agency efforts to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with built environment health threats in the U.S. through the development of healthy communities and homes.

Health Impact Assessments
A health impact assessment (HIA) is a means for decision makers, such as planners and departments of transportation, to identify the health consequences of their actions and make informed decisions aboutmore »

Built and Synthetic Environment
The need to strengthen environmental health capacity includes addressing land use and community design, harmful chemical exposure, and environmental threats in built up areas. Support for smart growthmore »

The Intersection of Health and Housing: CMS’s Potential Medicaid Investments
Emerging evidence indicates that affordable, safe, and stable housing directly impacts an individual’s health and wellbeing, including the ability to manage chronic diseases and mental conditions, maintainmore »

Using HIA to Enhance the Environmental Regulatory Process_5_4_17
Using HIA to Enhance the Environmental Regulatory Process

Using HIA to Enhance the Environmental Regulatory Process
Using HIA to Enhance the Environmental Regulatory Process

North Dakota Races to Address Housing Inspection, Facility Needs Following Oil Boom
Population fluctuations meant the North Dakota Department of Health had to find new ways to accommodate changing food and lodging needs.

Vermont Health Department: 2015
State Health Impact Assessment Projects. Vermont Health Department. Plan BTV South End Health Impact Assessment. 2015.

Plan BTV South End Health Impact Assessment
The South End of Burlington is rapidly growing and changing. Starting in July 2014, the City of Burlington has been engaging the community in a planning process to protect and preserve what is most lovedmore »