Viral Hepatitis Epidemiologic Profiles

Building State and Territorial Health Department Capacity to Develop and Utilize Viral Hepatitis Epidemiologic Profiles

The aim of a viral hepatitis epidemiologic profile is to document, interpret, and frame the dimensions and burden of the viral hepatitis epidemic in local terms. Epidemiologic profiles are designed to increase public and professional awareness and drive policies for viral hepatitis prevention, care, and planning. The profiles draw from routine and novel data sources, such as: notifiable disease surveillance, vital records, cancer registries, organ transplant registries, healthcare utilization data, SAMHSA treatment episode data set, prescription drug monitoring programs, and data from other programs and studies


In 2014, ASTHO, with support from CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis, funded three state health agencies to pilot the development of viral hepatitis epidemiologic profiles. The resulting profiles and complementary resources have been used to heighten awareness and catalyze action around policies and programs at the state and local levels.  

Since then, ASTHO and CDC expanded this work to engage additional grantees for the development, expansion, and utilization of viral hepatitis epidemiologic profiles. As of 2019, ASTHO and CDC have supported 26 state health agencies to advance this work:

  • Round 1 (2014): Arkansas, Oregon, Wisconsin
  • Round 2 (2015-16): Arizona, Connecticut, Iowa, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington State
  • Round 3 (2016-17): Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Utah, West Virginia
  • Round 4 (2017-18): Florida, Maryland
  • Round 5 (2018-19): Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nevada, Texas, Washington State

Key Activities

Participating jurisdictions work with ASTHO and CDC subject matter experts to:

  • Identify routine and novel sources for data.
  • Identify and engage key stakeholders (e.g., end users, target audiences) for input and feedback.
  • Develop a utilization plan and assist in its implementation.
  • Develop an evaluation framework.
  • Analyze and interpret data.
  • Produce the epidemiologic profile.
  • Identify lessons learned for other states/territories.

Links to publicly-available viral hepatitis epidemiologic profiles

Click to view larger Links to epidemiologic profiles developed by ASTHO grantees can be accessed on this clickable map. Note that not all grantee profiles are published, as some are currently undergoing final review and clearance. This webpage will be updated as profiles are finalized and released publicly.