Main Phone Number: (202) 371-9090
Accounts Payable/Receivable Questions: (571) 527-3165

Aberash Agune (aagune@astho.org)
Lead Financial Analyst, Grants and Contracts

Einas Ahmed (eahmed@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Grants

Sanaa Akbarali (sakbarali@astho.org)
Director, Family and Child Health

Samuel Alfa (salfa@astho.org)
Director of Finance

Meredith Allen (mallen@astho.org)
Senior Director, Immunization and Infectious Disease

Paul Amatie (pamatie@astho.org)
Senior Financial Analyst

Deborah Backman (dbackman@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Maternal and Child Health

Jillian Bajema (jbajema@astho.org)
Analyst, Engagement

Andy Baker-White (abaker-white@astho.org)
Senior Director, State Health Policy

Gerrit Bakker (gbakker@astho.org)
Senior Director, Preparedness

Nathalie Banota (nbanota@astho.org)
Accounts Payable Specialist

Anna Bartels (abartels@astho.org)
Director, Clinical to Community Connections

Alexandra Barton (abarton@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Preparedness

Zarnaaz Bashir (zbashir@astho.org)
Chief, Programs and Strategy

Erin Bayer (ebayer@astho.org)
Senior Director, Chronic Disease and Health Improvement

Zion Bereket (zbereket@astho.org)
Health Security Coordinator

Josh Berry (jberry@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Chronic Disease Prevention

Jessica Bissett (jbissett@astho.org)
Analyst, Social and Behavioral Health – Territories

Diedre Blackmore (dblackmore@astho.org)
Coordinator, Meetings Management

James Blumenstock (jblumenstock@astho.org)
Chief, Health Security

Kyle Bogaert (kbogaert@astho.org)
Director, Workforce Research

Alyssa Boyea (aboyea@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Infectious Disease Preparedness

Ariel Brandt Lautman (abrandtlautman@astho.org)
Director, Information Systems

Maggie Carlin (mcarlin@astho.org)
Senior Director, Research and Evaluation

Jamie Carter (jcarter@astho.org)
Specialist, Meetings Management

Amanda Charles (acharles@astho.org)
Director, Meetings Management

Cendra Clarke (cclarke@astho.org)
Administrative Coordinator, Performance Improvement and Research and Evaluation

Joya Coffman (jcoffman@astho.org)
Senior Director, Performance Improvement

Eboneka Coleman (ecoleman@astho.org)
Analyst, Chronic Disease Prevention

Mary Ann Cooney (mcooney@astho.org)
Chief, Center for Population Health Strategies

Evangeline Crawford (ecrawford@astho.org)
Director, Grants and Contracts

Joseph Davis (jdavis@astho.org)
Program Coordinator, Executive Office

Rishika Desai (rdesai@astho.org)
Analyst, Community Health and Prevention

Kathleen Dolan (kdolan@astho.org)
Director, Environmental Health

Kelsey Donnellan (kdonnellan@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Health Improvement

Ramya Dronamraju (rdronamraju@astho.org)
Analyst, Chronic Disease Prevention

Jeffrey Ekoma (jekoma@astho.org)
Director, Government Affairs

Karl Ensign (kensign@astho.org)
Chief, Performance Improvement, Research and Evaluation

Jane Esworthy (jesworthy@astho.org)
Senior Director, Public Relations

Marwa Fadlalla (mfadlalla@astho.org)
Coordinator, Executive Office (Programs and Strategy)

Neyling Fajardo (nfajardo@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Caribbean Operations

Jennifer Farfalla (jfarfalla@astho.org)
Director, Social and Behavioral Health

Alyssa Farmer (afarmer@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Immunization and Infectious Disease

Natalie Foster (nfoster@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Maternal and Child Health

Deborah Fournier (dfournier@astho.org)
Senior Director, Clinical and Community Connections

Michael Fraser (mfraser@astho.org)
Chief Executive Officer

Gabriela Garcia (ggarcia@astho.org)
Director, Maternal and Child Health

Beth Giambrone (bgiambrone@astho.org)
Analyst, Center for Population Health Strategies

Julia Greenspan (jgreenspan@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Infectious Disease

Yanelis Gonzalez (ygonzalez@astho.org)
Health Policy Analyst

Caitlin Hall-West (chall-west@astho.org)
Director, Staff Training and Development

Lucelia Harmon (lharmon@astho.org)
Director, Finance

Paris Harper-Hardy (pharper-hardy@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Research and Evaluation

Regina Hawkins (rhawkins@astho.org)
Director, Preparedness and Radiation Ready

Natasha Harper (nharper@astho.org)
Assistant Coordinator, Chief Medical Officer's Office

Kate Heyer (kheyer@astho.org)
Director, Emerging Infections

Corey Hughley (chughley@astho.org)
Senior Director, Information Technology

Alex Karaosmanoglu (akaraosmanoglu@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Grants and Contracts

Amandeep Kaur (akaur@astho.org)
Analyst, Health Improvement

Alexandra Kearly (akearly@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Clinical to Community Connections

Haddis Ketema (hketema@astho.org)
Director, Grants

Alannah Kittle (akittle@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Survey Research

Abraham Kulungara (akulungara@astho.org)
Senior Director, Environmental Health

Emma Lange (elange@astho.org)
Analyst, Government Affairs and Public Relations

Caitlin Langhorne (clanghorne@astho.org)
Director, Behavioral Health - Territories

Emily Lapayowker (elapayowker@astho.org)
Web Content Specialist

Melissa Lewis (mlewis@astho.org)
Director, Health Equity

Lynda Lomax (llomax@astho.org)
Receptionist/Facilities Coordinator

Jessica Lyons (jlyons@astho.org)
Senor Analyst, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Christi Mackie (cmackie@astho.org)
Chief, Community Health and Prevention

Avia Mainor (amainor@astho.org)
Senior Director, Leadership and Meetings

Kimberly Martin (kmartin@astho.org)
Director, Immunization

Hunter McConnell (hmcconnell@astho.org)
Contracts Specialist

Carolyn McCoy (cmccoy@astho.org)
Senior Director, Government Affairs

Ericka McGowan (emcgowan@astho.org)
Director, Infectious Disease Preparedness

John Mericsko (jmericsko@astho.org)
Chief Operating Officer, Business Operations and Finance

Ruth Meza Frazier (rmezafrazier@astho.org)
Administrative Coordinator, Business Operations and Finance

Sharon Miller (smiller@astho.org)
Director, Member Engagement and Governance

Elise Moore (elmoore@astho.org)
Specialist, Social and Digital Content

Ify Mordi (imordi@astho.org)
Director, Maternal and Infant Health Improvement

Chelsea Moultrie (cmoultrie@astho.org)
Specialist, Community Health and Prevention

Carolyn Mullen (cmullen@astho.org)
Chief, Government Affairs and Public Relations

Geetika Nadkarni (gnadkarni@astho.org)
Director, Infectious Disease

Martha Ngoh (mngoh@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Emerging Infections

Yarna Onufrey (yonufrey@astho.org)
Coordinator, Leadership and Learning

Janet Oputa (joputa@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Clinical to Community Connections

Katrin Patterson (kpatterson@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Maternal and Child Health

Cara Person (cperson@astho.org)
Director, Public Health Agency Research

Emily Peterman (epeterman@astho.org)
Director, Research and Evaluation

Lisa Peterson (lpeterson@astho.org)
Director, Preparedness

Ashley Plaster (aplaster@astho.org)
Analyst (Floating)

Marcus Plescia (mplescia@astho.org)
Chief Medical Officer

Victoria Pless (vpless@astho.org)
Analyst, Social and Behavioral Health

Ellen Pliska (epliska@astho.org)
Senior Director, Family and Child Health

Nicholas Porter (nporter@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Environmental Health

Amelia Poulin-Obregon (apoulin-obregon@astho.org)
Analyst, STD, HIV, and Viral Hepatitis

Mattie Quinn (mquinn@astho.org)
Director, Public Relations

Rachel Redding (rredding@astho.org)
Analyst, Social and Behavioral Health

Allen Rakotoniaina (arakotoniaina@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Research and Evaluation

Richa Ranade (rranade@astho.org)
Director, Social and Behavioral Health

Jerry Rhodes (jrhodes@astho.org)
Director, Preparedness and Crisis Response

Dawn Richardson (drichardson@astho.org)
Senior Director, Grants and Contracts

Pablo Rotondaro (protondaro@astho.org)
Senior Director, Programs Operations

Elizabeth Ruebush (eruebush@astho.org)
Director, STD, HIV, and Viral Hepatitis

Amandeep Sandhu (asandhu@astho.org)
Analyst, Accreditation & Performance Management

Talyah Sands (tsands@astho.org)
Director, Health Improvement

Heidi Satter (hsatter@astho.org)
Director, Web Services

Beth Schweinefuss (bschweinefuss@astho.org)
Database Manager

Suja Shunmugavelu (sshunmugavelu@astho.org
Senior Director, Engagement

Leah Silva (lsilva@astho.org)
Director, State Health Policy

Koudedia Sissoko (ksissoko@astho.org)
Controller, Financial Accounting

Alicia Smith (asmith@astho.org)
Director, Chronic Disease Prevention

Danny Staley (dstaley@astho.org)
Chief, Carribean Operations

Kristin Sullivan (ksullivan@astho.org)
Director, Public Health Systems Improvement and Infrastructure

Priyanka Surio (psurio@astho.org)
Director, Informatics

Jan Taylor (jtaylor@astho.org)
Senior Director, Organizational Performance and Staff Development

Tequam Tiruneh (ttiruneh@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Clinical to Community Connections

Mary Terzian (mterzian@astho.org)
Director, Social and Behavioral Health Research and Analysis

Francesca Tettey (ftettey@astho.org)
Coordinator, Learning and Development

Marjorie Thomas (mthomas@astho.org)
Director of Grants, Grants and Contracts

Cassandra Thompson (cthompson@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Social and Behavioral Health

Andrea Tlatelpa (atlatelpa@astho.org)
Specialist, Organizational Performance and Staff Development

Philicia Tucker (ptucker@astho.org)
Analyst, Social and Behavioral Health

Ioana Ungureanu (iungureanu@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Public and Behavioral Health Integration

Nicole Venable (nvenable@astho.org)
Graphic Designer

Robert West (rwest@astho.org)
Director, Payroll and Benefits

Heidi Westermann (hwestermann@astho.org)
Director, Public Health Systems and Planning

Erik Wilbon (ewilbon@astho.org)
Contracts Specialist, Grants and Contracts

Amber Williams (awilliams@astho.org)
Chief, Leadership, Governance, and State & Territorial Engagement

Jonathan Wolfe (jwolfe@astho.org)
Director, Communications

Kerry Wyss (kwyss@astho.org)
Director, Environmental Health

Martha Yeide (myeide@astho.org)
Senior Director, Social and Behavioral Health

Courtney Youngbar (cyoungbar@astho.org)
Senior Analyst, Environmental Health

Gisele Zougmore (gzougmore@astho.org)
Staff Accountant