Profile of State Public Health, Volume Two

The ASTHO Profile survey for the volume two edition was completed by 50 states, DC and two territories generating a 100 percent response rate among states and D.C., and a 90 percent response rate among all potential respondents. ASTHO greatly appreciates the time and effort of our members committed to completing the survey. This is the second survey in a longitudinal series about state/territorial health agencies.

ASTHO’s coordinated approach to survey design and data harmonization with the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) and the National Association of Local Boards of Health (NALBOH) will ensure that the three organizations will not field their respective surveys at the same time, will allow for more comparable data, and will produce a more complete view of the public health system as a whole.

Information gathered from this survey will allow ASTHO to continue to:

  • Provide comparable information about the nature and scope of state public health.
  • Orient new health officials and support them throughout their tenure.
  • Respond to lawmakers’ questions in the context of health reform.
  • Advocate for a stronger public health system.

Links to the 2010 survey and codebook can be found below.

ASTHO Profile of State Public Health, Volume Two

ASTHO 2010 Profile Survey: Slide Decks (ppt)

ASTHO 2010 Profile Survey Questionnaire

ASTHO 2010 Profile Survey Codebook