Worksite Wellness


ASTHO's Internal Worksite Wellness

ASTHO walks the talk by having a robust worksite wellness program that embraces continuous quality improvement. The ASTHO Wellness Committee leads the organization in wellness activities, policies, and programs.

ASTHO has been continually improving its worksite wellness program for more than 5 years. The organization created a Worksite Wellness Committee in 2006 both to support employee health and well-being and to implement evidence-based strategies as part of a comprehensive employee-sponsored program. Initially, the Worksite Wellness Committee developed a “wish list” of activities that it wanted to implement. This list was extensive and included such items as a smoke-free meetings policy, a healthy foods policy, weekly walks, community events, and a physical fitness challenge—all of which have now been implemented.


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ASTHO applied for HealthLead accreditation in 2011 and received provisional status after the onsite visit. We were encouraged to improve performance, particularly in the area of health outcomes reporting. After strong support from the organizational leadership, the wellness committee, and the staff, ASTHO was able to reach a bronze-level accreditation status. Although we recognize this as a success, the organization is continuing to look at ways to reach the silver or gold status in the next round. HealthLead provides a quality improvement opportunity for ASTHO, as well as for health agencies and other businesses, to continually improve the ways in which they support healthy environments and behaviors among their employees.

Healthy Worksite Policies

Please feel free to use these policies for your own company or organization.  We are happy to share language and full policies with others.

Healthy Foods

Breastfeeding/lactation support in the Workplace

Green Business

Maternity Leave

Smokefree Meetings


Annual worksite wellness activities are planned by the ASTHO Wellness Committee.  These include weekly wellness walks, weekly beach volleyball (May-Sept), Get Fit Challenge (August), Free Flu Shots (Fall), Turkey Trot (Nov), Jingle Bell Walk (Dec), Maintain Don’t Gain (Dec-Jan), Healthy Heart Walk (Feb), and the March for Babies walk/fundraiser (Spring). 

Articles on ASTHO’s Worksite Wellness Program

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