Physical Activity Guidelines

Physical Activity Guidelines State Case Studies

Michigan Encourages Physical Activity Among Older Adults with EnhanceFitness
The Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) Arthritis Program partners with multiple community-based organizations to increase physical activity among adults with arthritis-most of whom are older adults-through EnhanceFitness, an evidence-based group physical activity program for mature adults designed to improve functional fitness and well-being. Since 2007, MDCH has successfully increased EnhanceFitness' reach to older adults and other populations across Michigan through ongoing collaborations with affiliate organizations, each of which has multiple sites.

Wisconsin Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Initiative
The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (WDHS) is partnering with other state agencies and stakeholder organizations to enhance nutrition and physical activity among 2- to 5-year-olds and their families. The Wisconsin Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Initiative began in 2008 as a collaboration of governmental agencies and nongovernmental organizations, growing into a multifaceted initiative focused on helping early childhood education professionals improve child health and wellness by establishing physical activity and nutrition programs and policies within their business practices.

North Carolina Strengthens Joint Use Agreements for Schools and Community
North Carolina Division of Public Health (NCDPH) has identified joint use agreements as a critical strategy to increase physical activity among both children and adults. NCDPH saw an opportunity to provide this guidance around joint use agreements when it was revealed that districts which stated they had joint use agreements often did not have formal, written agreements in place.Promoting Physical Activity through Joint Use Agreements in North Carolinawas developed to provide guidance on developing and adopting joint use agreements, using examples of what other North Carolina districts had put in place.

Georgia Partners to Strengthen Childhood Obesity Prevention
The Georgia Student Health and Physical Education (SHAPE) initiative is a comprehensive childhood obesity prevention effort that the Georgia Department of Public Health (GDPH) launched in 2012. The initiative includes strategies for addressing obesity from birth through age 18 and involves statewide, coordinated efforts with targeted communication strategies and multiple partnerships with other state government agencies, private foundations, healthcare providers, professional athletic teams, and private companies. Georgia SHAPE aims to build on the strengths of multiple agencies, along with private and public partners, and channel those strengths into reducing childhood obesity. Visit the Georgia SHAPE digital portal.

West Virginia Launches Statewide Physical Activity Plan
On Jan. 19, 2012, West Virginia released ActiveWV 2015: The WV Physical Activity Plan. Modeled on the National Physical Activity PlanActiveWV 2015provides a strategic direction for physical activity promotion within the state and is organized around the eight sectors that have been identified as key contributors to promoting physical activity as a public health priority. The expectations are that the plan's implementation will increase the physical activity levels of children and adults to meet or exceed the recommendations in the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans and therefore, improve the health and quality of life of West Virginians. Visit the WV Physical Activity Plan's website to read the details of the plan development and implementation efforts, including webinars and a video from their official release.