Featured Publications and Sign-On Letters

  • ASTHO, together with its members and affiliate partners, frequently provides input on the development of public health policies and programs. ASTHO contributes to the national dialogue on matters related to prevention, practice and research across local, state and federal sectors to help implement effective strategies that address all forms of preventable violence.

  • IOM Consensus Report: Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence

    The Institute of Medicine and National Research Council proposes priorities for a research agenda to improve understanding of the public health aspects of gun-related violence, including its causes, health burden, and possible interventions. Read more »

  • Preventing Violence: Roles for Public Health Agencies

    The Safe States Alliance convened a roundtable of twenty‐four violence prevention experts and stakeholders in April 2010. ASTHO participated in these discussions to identify specific roles for public health and to develop next steps for the public health community to prevent violence at local, state, and national levels. Read more »

  • National Violence Prevention Network Letter to Vice President Biden

    Jan. 11, 2013

    The letter urges a $10 million increase in FY 2014 to the National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS). The letter emphasizes attention to those who perpetrate violence as a result of mental illness, suggesting that NVDRS data may yield important information on how and when these individuals intersect with the health care system. Read more »

    See also: Public Policy.

  • Injury and Violence Prevention Network Letter on Reducing Gun Violence

    Jan. 14, 2013

    The letter recommends public health approaches for reducing gun violence, including sufficient resource allocation to CDC, improved NVDRS surveillance, scaling up effective public health interventions to prevent violence, and support for clinical providers to have patient-provider discussions about firearms. Read more »