National Prevention Strategy

Reproductive and Sexual Health

National Prevention Strategy's Reproductive and Sexual Health

The National Prevention Strategy provides evidence-based Recommendations for Reproductive and Sexual Health. The Strategy also identifies actions that partners including governments, businesses, health care systems, schools, community organizations and individuals can take to implement these recommendations across multiple settings. The resources in this toolkit are intended to help state and territorial governments and their partners implement the Strategy through the suggested actions below: 

  • Increase access to comprehensive preconception and prenatal care, especially for low-income and at-risk women.
  • Strengthen delivery of quality reproductive and sexual health services (e.g., family planning, HIV/STI testing).
  • Implement evidence-based practices to prevent teen pregnancy and HIV/STIs and ensure that resources are targeted to communities at highest risk.
  • Use social marketing, support services and policies to increase the number of people tested and linked to care for HIV, viral hepatitis, and other STIs.

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