National Prevention Strategy

Mental and Emotional Well-being

National Prevention Strategy's Mental and Emotional Well-Being

The National Prevention Strategy provides evidence-based Recommendations for Mental and Emotional Well-being. The Strategy also identifies actions that partners including governments, businesses, health care systems, schools, community organizations and individuals can take to implement these recommendations across multiple settings. The resources in this toolkit are intended to help state and territorial governments and their partners implement the Strategy through the suggested actions below: 

  • Enhance data collection systems to better identify and address mental and emotional health needs.
  • Include safe shared spaces for people to interact (e.g., parks, community centers) in community development plans which can foster healthy relationships and positive mental health among community residents.
  • Ensure that those in need, especially potentially vulnerable groups, are identified and referred to mental health services.
  • Pilot and evaluate models of integrated mental and physical health in primary care, with particular attention to underserved populations and areas, such as rural communities.

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