Increasing Access to Contraception

LARC Immediately Postpartum Learning Community (2014-2016) Background

ASTHO launched the Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) Learning Community, a collaborative of six states, in August 2014 to assist state health agencies in implementing LARC, specifically via initiatives focusing on postpartum insertion following delivery. The learning community expanded to 13 states in 2015. The following materials document the launch of years 1 and 2 of the LARC Immediately Postpartum Learning Community, results of “key informant interviews” with participants to assess challenges and barriers to increase access to LARCs immediately postpartum, and key documents.

LARC Immediately Postpartum Learning Community Year 1 (2014-2015 – 6 States)

In 2014, ASTHO and CDC convened a LARC Learning Community with state and national partners to identify, develop, and discuss strategies and best practices to implement immediate postpartum LARC policy and programs. The goal of the LARC learning community is to identify, document, and address technical assistance needs, promising practices, and barriers to LARC use immediately postpartum. For the first year, ASTHO collaborated with CDC to invite six states (Cohort 1 - Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Mexico, and South Carolina) to the learning community that had Medicaid policies that reimburse for LARC insertion in an in-patient setting—a necessary precursor for sustainable postpartum LARC initiatives.

LARC Immediately Postpartum Learning Community Year 2 (2015-2016 – 13 States)

In 2015, ASTHO released a call for letters of interest for any state with Medicaid payment policies in place to join as Cohort 2 of the learning community. ASTHO and the CDC accepted seven applicants (Delaware, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Oklahoma, and Texas) to join alongside Cohort 1. All 13 states participated in the second year kickoff of the LARC Learning Community in October 2015.

LARC Learning Community Call Recordings and Presentations

To facilitate learning across states, ASTHO leveraged the LARC Immediately Postpartum Learning Community network to connect state partners in similar roles and share successful examples of implementation. The calls have featured presentations from a variety of states and national experts. Learning community call recordings and presentations »