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While vaccinations are recommended throughout the lifespan, adult vaccination coverage remains low for most routinely recommended vaccines and well below Healthy People 2020 targets. Read more »

Best Practices

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Assessing the Zoster, Pneumococcal, and Influenza Vaccines with Meals-on-Wheels Recipients (Utah, 2011)

Highlighting Demonstrated and Promising Practices that Improve Older Adult Vaccination Rates (United States, 2012)

Harnessing Collective Resources to Increase Influenza Vaccination Rates in High-Risk Adults (Massachusetts, 2013)

Seeking to Vaccinate Uninsured and Underinsured Adults-and Succeeding (Minnesota, 2013)

Increasing Influenza Vaccination Among Pregnant Women (Rhode Island, 2011)

Reaching Out to Pharmacists Results in Increased Use of Registries (Washington, 2011)

Partnering to Increase Adult Immunization (Pennsylvania, 2011)

Increasing Immunization Rates Through OB/GYN Practices (United States, 2013)

Using Emergency Resources to Prevent the Spread of Whooping Cough (Washington, 2012)

Maximizing the Workplace as an Opportunity for Immunization (Minnesota, 2013)


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