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ASTHO Immunization Resource Guide

This resource guide was created to collect innovative best practices and information to help our members and partners consider potential methods to increase access to vaccines and rates of vaccination.

The information is categorized into eight topics, which you can find by following the links below. Or, download the printable document.

Vaccine Finance   The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Vaccine Finance
Understand how states have maximized funding in a resource-constrained environment.


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Take a closer look at how the Affordable Care Act can impact the healthcare system.

Childhood and Adolescent Vaccination   Adult Vaccination

Childhood and Adolescent Vaccination
Discover how some states are making great strides in protecting our youngest citizens.


Adult Vaccination
Explore examples of innovative ways to increase adult vaccination.

Healthcare Provider Vaccination   Infrastructure

Healthcare Provider Vaccination
Learn best practices to protect those who protect our nation’s health: healthcare professionals.


Read how states approach infrastructure to maximize efficiencies and increase immunization rates.

Immunization Information Systems and Meaningful Use   Communication

Immunization Information Systems and Meaningful Use
Explore trends in electronic information exchange within immunization programs and beyond.


Discover effective ways to communicate, and tools to support outreach efforts.