July 2021

BONUS: Fighting the Next COVID-19 Wave

July 30, 2021

This bonus episode is taken from a virtual news conference on Thursday, July 29, 2021. In it, Dr. Nirav Shah (Maine), Dr. Karyl Rattay (Delaware), and Dr. Joseph Kanter (Louisiana), discuss the latest issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic—mask guidance, back to school issues, and the surging Delta variant.Read More »

Avoiding the Cliff: Financing Medicaid in the Territories

July 29, 2021

Medicaid plays a critical role in providing access to health services for low-income U.S. citizens in the five U.S. territories. However, Medicaid financing in the territories has been underfunded compared to states. In this episode, guests discuss the urgent need for a permanent Medicaid solution, drawing attention to the need for equitable health financing for the U.S territories. This funding is necessary to support comprehensive public health and healthcare within these jurisdictions that include expanded prevention, testing, and treatment programs and capabilities.Read More »

BONUS: Making Technology Work for Rapidly Changing Public Health Needs

July 01, 2021

On this bonus episode, Jim Ivey, chief operating officer at Chexout, discusses the importance of interoperability and makes the case that public health organizations need to invest in software that will adapt to their changing needs in both ongoing disease outbreaks and emerging infections.Read More »

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