Health Equity/Health Disparities

Advancing Health Equity Through Immunization

December 31, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic spotlighted health inequities at national, state, and local levels. This report details the role immunization can play in reducing these disparities, informed directly by conversations ASTHO held with state equity and immunization leaders from March - July 2021. We distill these conversations into 20 key actions health agencies can take to make an impact.Read More »

Initiating Cross-Sector Partnerships to Advance Population Health

November 23, 2021

Social determinants of healthcare the conditions in which people are born, live, work, play, worship, and age, all of which affect health and well-being. This report will share action steps that public health agencies can use to initiate and sustain a cross-sector partnership and highlight examples of successful public health collaborations with Medicaid, housing, and transportation agencies.Read More »

State Strategies for Advancing Viral Hepatitis Elimination

November 21, 2021

Cases of viral hepatitis are on the rise across the United States. This report synthesizes key actions and proven strategies for public health leaders to consider as they approach viral hepatitis elimination planning within their own jurisdictions.Read More »

Examining State Innovations to Advance Breastfeeding and Health Equity

November 16, 2021

Breastfeeding is considered the gold standard in postnatal care for both birthing persons and infants. Yet, despite national gains in breastfeeding initiation rates, racial disparities in breastfeeding initiation and duration rates continue to persist. Effective intervention strategies require a multi-level approach that includes comprehensive legal, policy, and programmatic efforts.Read More »

Framing Health in All Policies: Terms That Resonate

July 29, 2021

Health in All Policies (HiAP) can be a successful strategy to expand collaboration between S/THAs and other partners, but the terminology used in programs focused on these efforts can differ. While some states use the term “health in all policies” to name these programs, others shy away from the terminology to avoid a feeling of health imperialism and other agencies’ limited understanding of what HiAP means. Equity is often a prominent part of these efforts, but is not always included in the program title. ASTHO partnered with the Kansas Health Institute to host listening sessions to better understand state terminology and framing around HiAP; explore lessons learned, challenges, and alternative framing for HiAP terminology; and assess how HiAP framing and associated efforts have evolved over time, especially in the context of COVID-19 and the increased spotlight on the importance of racial equity.Read More »

Collaborations Between Health Systems and Community-Based Organizations

January 31, 2020

Across the nation, healthcare delivery systems and community-based organizations are developing partnerships to address the social determinants of health and behavioral health needs of the populations they serve. This report details strategies for overcoming early challenges to developing a new partnership, including approaches to ensure that community organizations and voices are heard during decision-making and priority-setting.Read More »

Health Equity and Public Health Department Accreditation

November 07, 2018

Health departments play an essential role in providing services to the community to address health inequities. Through the lens of the Public Health Accreditation Board's standards and measures, this report explores innovative programs and policies implemented by health departments in an effort to adopt systemwide approaches to achieving health equity.Read More »

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