Domain 9 - Quality Improvement

Standard 9.2

Develop and implement quality improvement processes integrated into organizational practice, programs, processes, and interventions.

ASTHO Quality Improvement Plan Toolkit  (2014)

Performance management system concepts and practices serve as the framework to set targets, measure progress, report on progress, and make quality improvements. An important component of the performance management system is the implementation of a quality improvement program. This effort involves integration of a quality improvement component into staff training, organizational structures, processes, services, and activities. It requires application of an improvement model and the ongoing use of quality improvement tools and techniques to improve the public’s health. Performance management leads to the application of quality improvement processes.

Quality improvement is the result of leadership support. It requires staff commitment at all levels within an organization to infuse quality improvement into public health practice and operations. It also involves regular use of quality improvement approaches, methods, tools, and techniques, as well as application of lessons learned from evaluation.

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