Domain 6 - Public Health Laws

Standard 6.3

Conduct and monitor public health enforcement activities and coordinate notification of violations among appropriate agencies.

Health departments have a role in ensuring that public health laws are enforced. In some cases, the health department has the enforcement authority. In other cases, the health department works with those who have the legal authority to enforce the laws. When other state agencies, local departments, or levels of government have enforcement authority, the role of the health department is to collaborate, assist, and share information. In either case, the health department needs to know about enforcement activities and violations in their jurisdiction, since violations and enforcement can impact the public’s health. The department should be coordinating and sharing information with agencies that have public health related enforcement authority. The health department is responsible for follow-up communication and education on public health impacts and protection.

As with all of the standards and measures, accountability for meeting the measures rests with the health department being reviewed for accreditation. Documentation that provides evidence of meeting the measure must be provided, even if the documentation is produced by a partner organization, another governmental agency, or another level of government, and not by the health department seeking accreditation. The health department must partner with enforcement agencies to ensure that the laws and their enforcement protect and promote the public’s health.


This Standard does not yet have any examples submitted. If your state health agency has identified high-quality documentation that conforms to these Measures, please consider submitting for inclusion in the Accreditation Library. 

To submit example documentation, please download and complete the Submission Form, and forward, along with the documentation to ASTHO staff will review submissions on a rolling basis and contact you if your document is selected for posting.

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