Domain 6 - Public Health Laws

Standard 6.2

Educate individuals and organizations on the meaning, purpose, and benefit of public health laws and how to comply.

Public health laws impact all members of the community. Health departments have the responsibility to educate the public about public health laws and to inform members of the community about the meaning behind the law, the purpose for the law, the benefits of the law, and compliance requirements. Educational efforts should be aimed at individuals and organizations that are a part of the jurisdiction served, including schools, civic organizations, human service organizations, other government units and agencies, and the medical community. Education efforts need to be culturally and linguistically appropriate to the audience.


This Standard does not yet have any examples submitted. If your state health agency has identified high-quality documentation that conforms to these Measures, please consider submitting for inclusion in the Accreditation Library. 

To submit example documentation, please download and complete the Submission Form, and forward, along with the documentation to ASTHO staff will review submissions on a rolling basis and contact you if your document is selected for posting.

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